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For the latest natural health news, tune in to The Natural Health Show. Each week we explore a specific health topic in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. Heart health, cancer prevention, nutrition and immune health are just a few of the areas we cover. Holistic practitioners, including naturopaths, medical doctors and nutritionists share their knowledge, empowering our listeners to follow a natural health lifestyle. Simple practices such as a healthy diet, dietary supplements and herbal remedies can help us maintain or regain optimal health and wellness. The Natural Health Show will help you take charge of your health!

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Steve Herringer brings more than three decades of broadcast experience to his role as radio host of The Natural Health Show. Steve is passionate about sharing a real understanding of the powers of holistic and integrative healing with listeners. Read more..

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“The topics seem to be chosen just for me,
but I am sure there are many people that feel that way.”

Carrie, Vancouver Island

“You have an upbeat and professional show.”

Jim, Florida

“Thank you so very much for this amazing show.”

Debbie, Toronto

“The Natural Health show is so informative…
I’m so happy to listen to it every Saturday morning.”

Honey, Guelph